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Eago sanitary ware co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and originated from Jin Jie Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, the Jin Jie Co., Ltd was a great success as a manufacturer of professional bathroom. Its products range from steam shower cabins, mobile showers, shower enclosures, shower panels to bathtubs and whirlpool traditional, basins acrylic and glass etc.. The company is dedicated to providing high quality products at affordable prices. Today the market of household items, "JIN JIE" is an established brand. The great success in domestic market for the home allows the company to expand into overseas markets in early 2002. Today the company has established close relationships with key partners around the world.

Thanks to its rapid development, in its eighth year, Jin Jie Co., Ltd. established a new company called Eago Sanitary Ware Co., MLA, specializes in manufacturing porcelain sanitary ware such as sinks, water closets, bidets, etc.. Covering an area of ​​100.000 square meters, Eago Co. is Xiaotang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong. The initial investment amounted to U.S. $ 5 million and annual production in the first phase amounts to about 500.000 pieces.

The new factory is dedicated to producing porcelain sanitary ware of superior quality. The key factors that affect the quality of ceramic sanitary ware are professionalism, materials, equipment, skilled labor and technology.

The new plant joins a group of professionals with years of experience in the field. The majority of engineers and designers have over 15 years experience in the field. Their skills are the most important factor to ensure high quality and taste of the products.

In the early stages the factory is equipped with two kilns with a capacity of 60 cubic meters. The equipments are imported from Germany and are the most advanced European production lines. During the casting process, device to maintain the temperature and humidity, so that the production is not affected by weather changes. The continuous production cycle ensures both the quality and the delivery time. The formula is introduced from Germany "Slip and Glaze ', an additive is also used by Germany.

Shortly after the successful establishment of the porcelain factory, Jin Jie Co., Ltd. decided in August 2003 to include a new bathroom products factory within the porcelain factory, due to its urgent need to expand their production capacity. In January 2004, Jin Jie Co., Ltd. moved its production to the new factory and became part of Eago Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

As a result of the initial success of the operation, Eago Co. can install the third furnace in 2005. A tunnel kiln with a length of 100 meters comes into operation in June 2006. EAGO beats the record of preparation of the new facility and make operational for the production in a day. Today, the annual yield of the porcelain factory has reached one million pieces.

Now that EAGO represents a landmark in the field of Chinese products for bathroom with shower and bath items, bathroom accessories and sanitary ware in vitreous china, the company is dedicated to providing "Perfect Solutions for the Bathroom" (Perfect Bathroom Solutions) to consumers throughout the world. The staff EAGO has devoted great efforts in the development of harmonious and elegant bathrooms. As a supplement to our product lines EAGO "Perfect Bathroom Solutions" were included articles on health and wellness as outdoor saunas and hot tubs .

All this is oriented at a high level of quality and service. EAGO selected distributors throughout the world for quality and service which are important and help to build a famous brand in local markets. The company is constantly looking for partners to share the benefits in the long term.

EAGO-ITALY is the reference point for Italian products EAGO.


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